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Independent funeral directors in Manchester, Cheshire and South Lancashire.

Green and alternative funerals, cremations and woodland burials.

Though death and loss are natural parts of our lives they can be painful and sometimes confusing. We hope to help you to navigate this difficult time with compassion and humanity.

We believe that growing to accept a loss and reflecting on someone’s life is a gradual process and doesn’t just happen during the funeral service itself. So we support you in this from the moment that we meet you.

We can do as much or as little as you need. It might be helpful for you to be very hands-on using your own skills and creativity.

Or perhaps if you’re feeling overwhelmed you would like us to listen to what you need and then take care of everything for you.

We understand that lives are busy at this time and that there is lots to do. Therefore through appointment we can visit you at home, if you wish, to take arrangements and give you a no-commitment estimate.

Alternatively you can visit us at the funeral home in Chorlton, South Manchester.

We welcome diversity and feel that we are inclusive of different families and communities needs.

We believe in same sex care. So it is Rosie that takes care physically of your late mum, partner, wife, civil partner, grandma, daughter or sister.

Sometimes families like to be involved in this process but it’s not for everyone. Also we will do everything that we can to avoid embalming.

Our People

My name is Rosie and I’m the director of Natural Endings.

I first became involved with funerals in 1995. Whilst nursing my terminally ill mum Zoë I began, at her request, to look into options for her funeral.

When the time came I was able to wash and dress my mum myself, friends made her coffin, we held her funeral in a thatched barn. Zoë then had the second burial in a newly opened woodland burial ground with a hawthorn tree planted on her grave.

funeral director Rosie Grant. Chorlton, Manchester

We found that by being fully involved in the entire process and having a very personal funeral in a venue where we could take our time was a cathartic experience. Friends and family used their own skills to make, speak, carry, create, cook. It was a wonderful day, full of sadness but with great love and pride too. It helped us all immensely.

I went on to train to be a funeral arranger/director in 1996 with the very lovely Peace Funerals and went on to work in London and Sheffield. I set up Natural Endings in Manchester in 2005 and since then have gathered some great people to help me.

I have  appeared on BBC radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and regularly contribute to broadsheet articles, and to BBC Online.

I am always happy to answer your questions and help if I can. Even if you’re not in my region of Manchester/Cheshire please feel to ask a question that might be helpful for you. There’s an email form below.

Awards and Memberships

We are one of the founding members of The Association of Green Funeral Directors and belong to and abide by their ethical code of practice.

We are also recommended by the Natural Death Centre and Good Funeral Guide.

Green Funeral Directors of the Year 2013 and recognised for our work by The Good Funeral Guide.

We are recognised for our experience and are regularly asked to comment and contribute to BBC television and radio programs as well as broadsheet newspaper articles.

Read some of our lovely testimonials.

Talks & Workshops

We have strong links with our community and are regularly asked to contribute to professional development training in medical schools, hospitals and hospices, counselling and psychotherapy centres and theology training colleges.

Rosie Grant delivers workshops and talks at these institutions as well as at psychotherapy and death and dying conferences. She is available for talks and workshops in;

  • The Continuing Bonds Bereavement Model*
  • Modern Co-Creation of Rituals
  • Green Funerals
  • Changing Funeral Customs
  • Non-verbal ritual in modern funerals

*Continuing Bonds is a 21st century model of bereavement that emphasises ideas that we maintain bonds with our dead loved ones and form a different kind of relationship with them in order to move forward into the future. Older modernist models emphasised a need to break bonds with the loved one and ‘let go’ in order to be able to move forward.

If you are interested in inviting Rosie to talk or workshop at your institution or conference please get in touch.

Get in touch

If you have had a bereavement and would like to talk to someone about funeral arrangements please telephone our 24 hour number 0161 969 6690.

Or email us:

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