Funeral costs should be understandable and transparent. In 2021 the Competition and Marketing Authority made it a legal requirement for funeral directors to display their pricing on their website in a particular way so that it is easier for the public to make comparisons.

Natural endings price list 2022-2


Standard Funeral Costs

A standard funeral will cost around £2,360, plus disbursements (third party costs).

This will include:

  • Meeting with you to discuss the funeral and to go through the documentation. Alternatively this can be done over the phone or by zoom.
  • Putting the funeral arrangements in place including booking the funeral in for a time that suits you and your family (subject to crematorium and cemetery availability). Liaison with third parties such as the GP, coroner, hospital/hospice, funeral leader, cemetery , venue and crematorium/cemetery.
  • Advice on support after a loss.
  • Taking your person into our care before the funeral within normal working hours.
  • Chances to visit your person at the funeral home.
  • A simple cardboard or wood veneer traditional coffin, nameplate and all fittings. (A different kind of coffin such as a willow or bamboo would be from an additional £200)
  • Four pall bearers and the funeral director to support you on the day
  • Advice, once we know a little about you, on choices of minister, humanist or celebrant to lead the service. Or alternatively advice on leading the service yourselves or doing something more informal.
  • A hearse that will transport your person.
  • A unique webpage with a tribute, the funeral details, maps, and donations information for you to share with guests.
  • In the case of cremation collecting the ashes and bringing them to you locally.


Disbursements (Third party costs)

Additional costs are the disbursements (also known as third party costs). These include things like the crematorium or cemetery fee, minister and church fees/non religious funeral leader fee and doctors certificates. We do not add anything to these costs from third parties.

Typical costs are:

  • Crematorium – £445 – £900
  • Opening a grave already owned by your family (in area) £400-£1,649
  • A new grave and first internment in a cemetery £1,400 – £2,900
  • Doctor’s fees (for cremation  and if the coroner isn’t involved, £82 .Currently this cost is lower than normal during the coronavirus pandemic)
  • Minister, priest or non religious funeral leader fee from £200
  • Church fees or secular venue hire  £200-£500

Bespoke Options

You might want to add other elements to the funeral.

Additional costs for a funeral that is less simple might include:

  • Collection of your person out of normal working hours is an additional £190
  • Natural Endings fee for arranging a service in a religious building or secular venue that is at a different location to the  cremation or burial is an extra £190.
  • Limousines or people carriers for family to travel in are £280 each.
  • A different kind of hearse such as the VW Camper Hearse, Silver Hearse, Morris Traveller Hearse, Motorbike Hearse etc. £400 – £900. Or a horse drawn hearse £1,250
  • A different kind of traditional coffin, a decorative coffin or an eco-friendly coffin such as Yorkshire wool, willow, bamboo, seagrass, cane or cardboard. You can see some examples here.
  • Additional bearers to the four provided £75 each.
  • Flowers from £60
  • Printed orders of service from £1.50 each. 
  • Photography
  • Distances over 20 miles £1.55 per mile per vehicle

Economical Option

We can arrange a direct cremation as our most economical option at £1,795. A direct cremation is a cremation that no family or friends attend. With this option you aren’t able to visit your loved one at the chapel of rest (though this can be arranged for an additional fee). We take your person to the crematorium of our choice and then return the ashes to you or alternatively arrange for them to be scattered at the crematorium. The families that choose this option of not attending the actual crematorium often arrange a gathering of family and friends at a later date to celebrate and reflect upon their lperson’s life. The cost covers taking your person in to our care within normal working hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm), dressing and care, all administration and documentation, putting arrangements in place, doctors certificate, crematorium charge, coffin and staff and transport. There are no additional charges unless you would like any bespoke additions from above.


Please get in touch if you would like a no commitment  itemised estimate.

0161 969 6690.