Motorcycle Funerals

Motorbike and motortrike funerals for bikers and motorcycle lovers in Manchester, Cheshire and South Lancashire.

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´╗┐Photograph of the motorbike funeral in Southern Cemetery by kind permission of the Mottershead family Wythenshaw

Natural Endings offer a motorbike funeral service. We can offer five different styles of motorcycle hearses (see below) so that this final journey is a most fitting one.

Your loved one can remain by your side, for that final ride, if you choose to ride pillion.

Many people assume that these motorbike hearses are only chosen for biker funerals. Our experience shows us that they are as loved by people that maybe did their courting with motorbikes and sidecars or even transported young family around in them. Sidecars bring back happy memories for many different types of people.

The motorbike hearses are registered by the DVLA as two wheeled hearses rather than motorbikes. Rolls Royce standard hearse fittings, flower rail, Health and Safety Hearse fittings, internal temperature control for warm weather and de-misting, a leather surround and a combination of glass roof and internal lights to display both flowers and artifacts.

The motorbikes that we can offer

The Suzuki Hayabusa Hearse

motorbike sidecar hearses suzuki

The Ultimate Send Off for the Ultimate British Racing Rider with the fastest production line bike in the world. Fast and sleek, popular with racers, marshals and sport enthusiasts. Finished to a high standard it broke the World Record for fastest hearse and won ‘Best Modern Hearse’ at the Hearse of the Year. The Suzuki Hayabusa Hearse can do The Ton but this is dependent on finding a suitable place, the law and the weather.

Suzuki Hearse

suzuki motocycle hearse

Harley Davidson Electra Glide Hearse

Harley Davidson Electra Glide Motorbike Hearse.

 Classic Triumph Hearse

Triump motorbike hearse

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