Our Service

Award-winning independent funeral directors based in Chorlton, Manchester.

We provide a full funeral service including arranging and conducting the funeral.

At the heart of the Natural Endings ethos is a desire to help families to have a beautiful, unique and fitting farewell for their loved one. 

We provide a very personal service that includes taking time to gain an understanding of you and your family’s values and beliefs and what is important to you.

If you have had a bereavement and would like to talk to someone about funeral arrangements please telephone our 24 hour number 0161 969 6690. Or email us at enquiries@naturalendings.co.uk.

Coronavirus Update

Everyone is facing uncertain times as the impact of the coronavirus  (covid-19) epidemic unfolds across the UK.  We are aiming to support you through this in the most human and compassionate way that we can.

Our local crematoriums and cemeteries have changed policies on how funerals should be conducted. Restrictions vary we can discuss or email details of each one.

There are quite a few limitations particularly on how many people can attend a funeral. We understand that this is upsetting and are trying to think creatively about different ways of doing things and use of technology. 

Additionally the way that a death is registered has changed temporarily. We can give you correct number for the district that you register in and talk you through how this is now done. You no longer need to see a registrar in person. If you want to talk about any aspects of changes to funerals during the current crisis please get in touch.

Currently following UK guidelines we are keeping face to face contact to a minimum.  We can talk to you on the phone, via skype or zoom if you need some support or guidance.  Alternatively we can come and meet with you in your garden or an out door space.

Please rest assure that we will be our usual sensitive selves and we are going to do the very best for you.  

Our Ethos

The time between a death and a funeral offers unique chances to say goodbye in our own way that will take us well into our future. We believe in paying tribute with individual skills and creativity rather than the buying of products.

The farewell can be full of love, pride and even hope as well as acknowledging the sadness of your loss. We are independent funeral directors and so can be very flexible on your funeral choices.

We also welcome families that would like to be more involved in the preparation and the funeral. Families sometimes wash and dress their friend or relative (though this isn’t for everyone). We’ve had families make a coffin or something decorative for the top of it. Occasionally a family might want to lead their own ceremony or come together in a different kind of way.

We work closely with you and can either fulfil your ideas or offer appropriate suggestions for creating a funeral that reflects your loved ones unique personality. We can do as much or as little as you need. 

We provide same-sex care of the deceased.

We don’t offer funeral ‘packages’, each funeral is tailored to meet your individual needs. We try to be transparent about our pricing, see our guide to example prices. We are happy to provide you with a no-commitment estimate of costs.

Thank you. Mum’s funeral was just how she would have wanted it to be. Many people have said how beautiful it was. I was hugely re-assured to find a female funeral director to take care of Mum. Your very human approach removed the fusty top-hat and gloom that I feared.

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Funerals, burials and cremations

We can provide a traditional or alternatively themed funeral, and are experts in environmentally friendly funerals and woodland burials.

We are happy to arrange civil or humanist funerals  as well as religious ones. In these cases we introduce you to a humanist celebrant or civil funeral leader. Alternatively we can support you to lead the service yourselves.

Following a cremation, there are many options for the remains, such as for ashes to be placed in an urn, buried in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium, or scattered at sea. Other options we can provide include for ashes to be scattered by fireworks or plane, or transformed into a diamond, glass pendent or locket.

Coffins and funeral transport

We provide a large selection of coffins including traditional caskets, biodegradable eco-coffins, and decorative coffins.

Your choice of funeral transport including traditional black hearse and limousines,  horse drawn hearse (black or white), silver hearse and limousines, VW Beetle Hearse, four kinds of motorbike hearses, vintage hearses, and even a vintage lorry.