Education and Community

We have strong links with our community and are regularly asked to contribute to professional development training in medical schools, hospitals and hospices, counselling and psychotherapy centres  and theology training colleges. Rosie Grant delivers workshops and talks at these institutions as well as at psychotherapy and death and dying conferences. She is available for talks and workshops in;

  • The Continuing Bonds Bereavement Model
  • Modern Co-Creation of Rituals
  • Green Funerals
  • Changing Funeral Customs.

If you are interested in inviting Rosie to talk or workshop at your institution or conference please get in touch.

Continuing Bonds is a 21st century model of bereavement that emphasizes ideas that we maintain bonds with our dead loved ones and form a different kind of relationship with them in order to move on into the future. Older modernist models emphasized a need to break bonds with the loved one and ‘let go’ in order to be able to move on.

“We can continue to ‘have’ what we have ‘lost’ , that is a continuing, albeit transformed, love for the deceased. We have not truly lost our years of living with the deceased or our memories. Nor have we lost their influences, the inspiration, the values and meanings embodied in their lives. We can actively incorporate these into new patterns of living that include the transformed but abiding relationships with those that we have cared about and loved” Worden