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Photographs of the funeral. Consider hiring a funeral photographer to capture the coming together of family and friends to share memories and look back on your loved one’s life. Sensitively done by our experienced  funeral photographer; funerals are too important not to be photographed. Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, West Yorkshire.

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 Andy Wade – Photographer


The passing of a loved one is a seminal moment in time. We capture moments throughout our lives with photographs which put us in the context of time, of place and to preserve the chance of looking back and to have access to those moments once more. To have bespoke photography at a loved one’s passing does offer that chance to capture another set of moments and memories that can be looked back on in the life ahead.

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In my experience families have looked upon a loved one’s passing as a celebration of their life; of bringing and remembering all of the stories and physical possessions together in one place on one day to share with family and friends at that celebration. Photography can be used to capture that celebration and to preserve those personal details as well as serve as a positive healing process in the days, months and years to come.


funeral sheets photographAs well as elements of the day, of the processions and the service photography can provide an alternative, lasting memorial by capturing a special place or monument that is completely away from the service itself. It may be capturing a place of particular significance at a special time of day or point of the year. Services could also include gathering other photographs, collecting farewell messages and photographing personal memorabilia to make into a special book or memorial.


pink natural flowers funeral photographThe photography services offered here are bespoke and built entirely around the wishes of the individuals and family, and are performed with discretion and respect for those wishes and all concerned. Any photography services would start with a meeting to discuss the approach that the family and individuals would like.



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