Traditional and Eco Coffins

We can provide many options when it comes to choosing a coffin, from traditional wooden caskets to coffins crafted from willow / wicker, bamboo, banana leaf, cane, cardboard, pandanus, seagrass, or wool. Most of our coffins are certified by the FFMA or the CCSA.

Buy a coffin with delivery anywhere in UK mainland.


Bamboo Coffins

Our Bamboo Coffins are beautifully made and a more decorative choice for a green funeral. The production encourages the use of traditional skills ensuring that the manufacturing processes are kept as green as possible and allowing the craftsmen to maintain their time honoured livelihoods.

They have just been given the Fair Trade Organization Mark. The coffins are 100% natural and biodegradeable and the bamboo is grown in sustainable plantations licensed by the Chinese Government. Pandas do not eat this species of bamboo.

traditional shape and round ended bamboo coffins

Banana Leaf Coffins

Banana leaf coffins in two colours. Biodegradable and sustainable. Banana leaves have a wide range of applications because they are large, flexible, waterproof and decorative. Banana leafs are used for decorative and symbolic purposes in numerous Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies. In traditional home building in the tropical areas, roofs and fences are made of thatched dry banana leaves.

banana leaf coffin casket


Cane Coffins

Cane Coffins come in traditional or round ended shapes. They are a lovely natural light buff colour.

cane coffin

Cardboard  Coffins

The simplest choice for an eco-friendly funeral is a cardboard coffin. They are easily paintable (we are more than happy to do this for you or, if you prefer you can do it yourself). It is also possible to provide a drape to cover the coffin if you feel that it looks too unorthodox. We also have colourful cardboard coffins with an ivy, poppy or autumn leaf print.

white cardboard coffin casket

Pandanus Coffins

Pandanus coffins have an interesting two tone effect.

eco coffin two tone bio degradable pandanus

Seagrass Coffins

Seagrass Coffins are an attractive light colour and can have additional rings for flowers. They are produced in China and come from a factory with ethical employment policies.

eco seagrass coffin

Willow Coffins

Willow Coffins are another attractive alternative. We have around fourteen different styles; some are made in Somerset England from locally grown willow, others are crafted in Poland. They come in a variety of natural golden colours, or a light buff colour; some can have a band of brighter colour. Some are traditional coffin shaped, others have softer rounded ends.

willow coffin lavender purple wicker


Wool Coffins

Yorkshire Wool Coffins and Natural Organic Cotton Coffins are natural, sustainable and biodegradable. They have an attractive and soft feel; they are reinforced with recycled cardboard and jute. The coffin is personalised with an embroidered woollen or cotton name plate.

wool coffin cream


Traditional Coffins

Traditional Coffins are made from environmentally sustainable paulownia wood from responsibly managed forests. They come in mahogany, light and mid oak effects.

wood veneer traditional coffin with wooden handles and fittings


Plain Pine Coffins

Plain Pine Coffins are made from solid wood  from sustainable sources. They are unvarnished and even the pegs to hold the lid in place are biodegradable.

solid pine traditional wood coffin with wood handles / fittings


Decorative Coffins

We can offer a huge range of decorative coffins from Colourful Coffins. These depict nature scenes (sunsets, sunflowers, poppy fields, harvests etc), animals (leopard print, tiger print zebra print), sports (including football coffins, golf coffins, tennis coffins) and , flags (any flag including the union jack, st georges flag, irish flag etc), hobbies and interests. You can also have your own photographs made into a design.

leopard print coffin casket