Bamboo Coffins

Our bamboo coffins are a traditional coffin shape or round-ended shape.

These fairtrade coffins are popular for woodland burial as they are entirely bio-degradeable and from a sustainable resource.

They are available as an option for all funerals that we arrange, and also for sale for delivery within the UK.

We have a plain Bamboo Eco (which comes in quite large sizes, up to 84 x 26 inches, the largest eco-coffin available) and the more ornate Bamboo Lattice.

Our Bamboo Coffins are hand made in China from material grown and cropped in licensed plantations. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world (up to 3-4 feet/day). When it is cropped it quickly grows back. Pandas do not eat the species of bamboo. 

The factory where the bamboo coffins are crafted in China have been awarded Fair-trade status. This is in recognition of the fact that we have enabled our craftsmen to prosper whilst maintaining their time-honoured livelihoods.

They are transported by sea to the UK, “Russian-doll-style” – inside each other, maximising space thus minimising transport and fuel costs. The manufacturer calculates that the carbon footprint of our adult coffin from China to the UK uses no more fuel than a car journey of 4.63 miles.

They are certified by The Coffin, Casket and Shroud Association for quality and strength.  All coffins have a solid flat base making them suitable for cremation as well as burial.

All our eco-coffins are suitable for traditional, green burial or green cremation. Other natural coffins available are crafted from; cane, cardboard, willow/wicker, pandanus, seagrass, woven banana leaves, and wool.

Bamboo Coffins for UK Delivery

These bamboo coffins are made from sustainable resources; they are 100% natural and biodegradable. They are very strong and tested to bear heavy loads.

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  Description Cost
Bamboo Eco Round End Coffin (Fair Trade)
Bamboo Eco Round End Coffin (Fair Trade) £470
Bamboo Lattice Round Ended(Fair Trade) Coffin
Bamboo Lattice Round Ended(Fair Trade) Coffin  £480
Bamboo Lattice Traditional(Fair Trade) Coffin
Bamboo Lattice Traditional(Fair Trade) Coffin £480
Bamboo Eco Traditional Shaped Coffin (Fair Trade)
Bamboo Eco Traditional Shaped Coffin (Fair Trade)  £470

Prices & Payment

Prices includes delivery within the mainland UK, and all our coffins come with a bio degradable waterproof lining and a secon unbleached cosmetic cotton lining. Flowers are not included. There is no additional VAT.

We can take payment by BACS transfer or over the phone by debit card or (for an 2% additional charge) credit card. We will send you a receipt that can be claimed with the rest of the funeral expenses from the deceased’s estate at a later date.

Optional Nameplate
Cemeteries and Crematoriums require that the coffin is identified with a nameplate. We can have a bamboo nameplate engraved for you for 90p per letter. Alternatively you could print one off your computer on cardboard or even paint or draw one as long as it has the person’s legal name on it.


We deliver from Monday to Friday (not weekends) and to the mainland UK only. If you order before noon (Monday to Friday) we aim to deliver it within 48 hours, but it may take a little longer to parts of Scotland. You can have the casket delivered either to a private address or to a funeral director.


To order just call us anytime Monday to Friday 8am-6pm on 0161 969 6690 or outside of office hours please use the enquiry form below and we will contact you.

Once we have spoken to you, we will call your funeral director (or sometimes the hospital) to discuss the size of coffin required. We’ll then send you an email confirmation so that you can check that all the details are correct.

Please note that the coffin that you receive may not match the colour exactly of the coffin displayed on screen. They are natural materials and the colour tone may vary harvest to harvest. Also your computer monitor may have different colour settings to ours. Also see commonly asked questions about buying an eco coffin

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