Cane Coffins

Our cane coffins are an attractive light buff colour and available in traditional or rounded end shapes.

This lovely coffin can be used as part of funeral arrangements in Manchester or will cost £520 including delivery to other areas of the UK.

Cane coffins are certified by the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer’s Association (FFMA) for quality, strength and suitability for purpose.

Cane is very environmentally friendly due to the fact that it grows rapidly, as much a 6 metres a year. Cane grows in degraded forests and in marginal soil, in areas where other land products cannot grow, for example areas that remain flooded for long lengths of time.

Cane clings to tropical rainforest trees and so actively supports the preservation of trees in the rainforest. It can be introduced artificially in natural forests without disturbing the existing natural eco system. It provides income to some of the poorest people living in and on the fringes of the rainforests.

Appropriate for cremation and burial. Available in a range of sizes.

All our eco-coffins are suitable for traditional, green burial or green cremation. Other natural coffins available are crafted from; bamboo, banana leaf, cardboard, willow/wicker, pandanus, seagrass, and wool.

Cane Coffins for UK Delivery

We can sell an individual cane coffin with delivery for £520.

All prices include natural coffin liners,  and delivery within mainland UK. There is no additional VAT.

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Cane coffin casket eco
Traditional or Round End Cane Coffin£520


Quick delivery. If you order  before noon (Monday to Friday) we aim to deliver it within 48 hours. Deliveries are only Mondays to Fridays not weekends. Deliveries are only in mainland UK. Deliveries to the north of Scotland may take a little longer.


Cemeteries and Crematoriums require that the coffin is identified with a nameplate. We can have a bamboo nameplate engraved for you for 90p per letter. Alternatively you could print one off your computer on cardboard or even paint or draw one as long as it has the person’s legal name on it. This can be applied with double sided tape or tied on with ribbons.

Ordering & Payment

All prices include  natural coffin liners and delivery within mainland UK.

There is no vat. No flowers are included.

Just call us anytime Monday to Friday 8am-6pm on 0161 969 6690 to place your order.

We will need the following information:

  • Size of deceased (we can call your funeral director to get this information)
  • If the coffin is for burial or cremation
  • The information for the nameplate (if you require one)
  • The address to which the coffin should be delivered (including postcode and phone number)
  • The address to which the receipt should be sent (if different from above address)
  • Your payment details (credit or debit card, bank transfer, or cheque).

Payment for your order can be done with credit or debit card, cheque or by bank transfer. For use of credit cards there is a 2% additional charge.

Our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Commonly asked questions about buying an eco coffin