Brooklands Woodland Burial

Settle, Yorkshire

Brocklands Woodland Burial

Cappleside House, Settle, Yorkshire BD24 0LJ
Tel: 01729 840102

Brocklands Woodland Burial was set up in 2000 and is a member of The Association of Natural Burial Grounds. This woodland burial site offers families in West Yorkshire the option of natural burial.

Graves are market with a number. A tree will be planted on a single grave once the ground has settled and when it’s the right planting season for the chosen tree.

Double plots are side by side. A tree will be planted when both burials have taken place.

The haybarn on site can be used for a service for 30-40 seated guests.

Brocklands will allow family and friends to help dig or backfill the grave, if they wish to do so.

Natural Endings Funeral Directors can support you to arrange a burial for your loved one at Brocklands Woodland Burial. Please contact Natural Endings to receive a noncommittal estimate of costs.