Cremated remains

Following a cremation a decision will have to be made as to what is going to happen with the remains. The most obvious answer is for the cremated remains to be scattered or buried in the Garden of remembrance at the crematorium.

There is no law mentioning the scattering of ashes on ordinary land or in rivers. There is, however, the issue of consent being needed to put something on someone else’s land.

If you are placing ashes in your own garden then there is absolutely no problem. Remember that you may move from that house in the future.

Eco-friendly urns are available for the storage of cremated remains. If you are arranging a funeral with us, We can provide an eco-friendly urn for you through our suppliers. There are also plenty of urns available online. We can also arrange a keepsake of your loved one in the form of a pendant or ring crafted from glass containing a small amount of their ashes.

The pictures below show only a small selection of urns and scatter tubes that are available. There are many natural urns available online that you can purchase directly.

You can also have a look on our suppliers website, we can give you a price on request.


For families requiring a more dramatic way of scattering ashes we are able to arrange for the ashes to be made into a firework for either individual release or as part of a display.

Having your loved ones cremated remains scattered by fireworks can be a fantastic tribute and celebration of their life. All firework displays are bespoke. They are created and managed by a professional pyrotechnician. The pyrotechnicians available have worked worldwide on high profile events. They are sensitive to the needs of bereaved families and put time and effort into getting everything right for a perfect send off into the night sky.

This spectacular tribute can have particular favourite colours and styles of fireworks. It can be full-on with lots of noise or something quieter and more gentle.

The families that we have arranged this service for have been delighted and found the scattering of their loved one’s ashes a moving and uplifting experience.

Natural Endings are able to arrange for the ashes to be scattered by plane across either sea or land.
We can also arrange for families to take a chartered boat and scatter the ashes at sea.

“I want to say thank-you for providing such a helpful and caring service. Everybody was able to enjoy
scattering Dad’s ashes at sea, because even though it was a sad day, the sun was shining and the
crew were lovely.
Everything about the service you provided was perfect! I felt I had given my Dad the perfect ending. He
had been in the merchant navy and always had a strong bond with the sea, and the nice thing about
having scattered him at sea is that anytime I go to the beach, I can remember him. Thank-you Natural
Endings for organising this peace of mind for me.”
Miss. S.Mylan

It is also possible for the ashes to be made into a diamond. For more information regarding this contact ‘lifegem UK’ or visit