Pricing for funerals in Todmorden and Calderdale

On this page, you will find pricing for funeral services provided by Natural Endings in Todmorden, Calderdale and South Lancashire, along with some example funerals for you to compare, including direct unattended cremation.

We aim for our pricing to be fair and transparent.

All funeral directors are legally required to publish a Price List for a standardised set of products and services. This is to help you think through your options and make choices, and to let you compare prices between different funeral directors (because prices can vary).

Prices correct as of April 2024

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The pricing below describes the main components of our pricing for funeral services that we arrange in Todmorden, Calderdale and South Lancashire (click here to view the areas we service).

Firstly there is the charge for the main core services that we provide (caring for your person, arranging and conducting the funeral). Then there is a list of other optional services and items that you might want. There are also choices for coffins and funeral transport. Then there are disbursements which are third party costs such as the crematorium or cemetery, the minister or non-religious funeral leader, the doctor’s certificate (for cremation), church or secular venue fee.

On request we can also email an estimate for the kind of funeral you have in mind.


For our core services, support and guidance our fee is £1,680, which includes:

  • Meeting with you at the funeral home, your home or by Zoom
  • Our guidance from the first phone call until after the funeral
  • Taking your loved one into our care within a 20 mile distance
  • Washing, dressing and care of your loved one by female staff. You might want to be involved in this
  • Opportunities to visit your loved one at the funeral home by appointment
  • Four of our staff to carry the coffin or support for you to do this yourselves
  • A dedicated webpage with details of the funeral for you to share with family and friends


In addition to the main service we provide for £1,680, the following charges may apply:

  • For a service in church before the burial or cremation – £250
  • For a service in a secular venue before the burial or cremation – £250
  • Saturday funeral additional charge – £300
  • Sunday funeral additional charge – £300
  • Additional mileage (price per mile) – £1.55
  • Care after 16 days (per day) – £20
  • Embalming (only if requested) – £120
  • Pacemaker removal (if needed) – £95
  • Additional pall bearers – £60
  • Support in arranging a DIY, also known as a family led, funeral (per hour) – £75
  • Collection and delivery of ashes – £20


  • Traditional black hearse – £280
  • Black limousine – £250
  • Silver hearse – £400
  • Silver limousine – £320
  • Black horse drawn hearse with two horses – £1,100
  • White horse drawn hearse with two horses – £1,200
  • Our estate car – £150

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In addition to our main services costs are the third party fees, known as disbursements. We do not add anything to these fees, but we will arrange these for you, so you will pay us directly for these services.

  • Crematorium fee – £823 -£1220 (see opposite)
  • Doctor’s certificate (for cremation) – £82
  • Cemetery new grave fee – £770 – £2,400
  • Opening the grave – £400 – £896
  • Minister  (at the crematorium or graveside)- £217
  • Non-religious celebrant – £220 – £300
  • Church fees (including minister or priest) – from £250 – £440
  • Secular venue fees – from £200
  • Flowers – from £60
  • Printed orders of service – from £1.20 each (simple) or £2.20 (bespoke)
  • Funeral photographer – from £300
  • Funeral videographerfrom £200


You can contact the crematorium directly, or we can do this for you as part of our main service. Fees applicable for Monday-Friday only. Some of these crematoriums offer more economical slots at 8.45am.

  • Rochdale Crematorium – £823
  • Burnley Crematorium – £899
  • Park Wood Crematorium – £1042
  • Oakworth Crematorium – £1045
  • Hollinwood Crematorium – £940
  • East Lancashire Crematorium – £1220
  • Blackley Crematorium – £877 – £1044
  • Huddersfield Crematorium – £897
  • Overdale Crematorium – £1000
  • Dukinfield Crematorium £860 –  £905


Working out the cost of a funeral can seem a bit daunting. We’re a bit adverse to ‘packages’ because they can include items that you don’t want. But below – for the sake of simplicity – we are showing the cost of some example funerals that we can arrange in Todmorden, Calderdale and South Lancashire locations. These are just examples. What you chose will be tailored to your specific needs.

A funeral service in Natural Endings beautiful funeral home in Todmorden - £2,800 including disbursements

Pricing for an unattended direct cremation - £1,595 including disbursements

A simple service at Rochdale or Burnley crematorium - £2,350 plus disbursements

A woodland burial at West Pennine Remembrance Park - £2,310 plus disbursements

A traditional funeral at St. Mary's church in Todmorden followed by churchyard burial - £2,850 plus disbursements

If you have had a bereavement and would like to talk to someone about funeral arrangements,
please call our 24 hour numbers –

0161 969 6690 for South Manchester and Cheshire

01706 941757for Todmorden, Calderdale and South Lancashire

We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a no-commitment estimate of costs.

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