The Willow eco-coffins (also known as Wicker coffins) featured here are available as part a funeral you’re arranging with Natural Endings. You can also buy these coffins if you live outside of our area for direct delivery to your chosen funeral service provider, or to your home. All coffins featured are appropriate for cremation and burial, and are available in a range of sizes.

Willow is a truly environmentally renewable resource. The willow plant grows up to 8ft in height and can be harvested annually from the same crown for up to 60 years. Our Willow coffins are handcrafted from the sustainable willow using traditional methods. The willow is woven onto a self-supporting frame, which gives the coffins exceptional strength whilst at the same time remaining incredibly light.

Willow is by far the ultimate in environmental recycling, growing in rows of bushes and – once harvested – can generate back to the same height within a year. Willow has the ability to degrade much more quickly than conventional hardwood.

A willow coffin can look even lovelier with the addition of flowers. Because they are woven it is easy to attach flowers to a willow coffin. As well as the flower arrangement on the top of the coffin often a garland can be attached around the coffin and individual posies too.

More information on how to decorate a willow coffin.

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