Biodegradable coffins

It’s great to know that you can choose a coffin that has a low environmental impact …… These coffins are entirely biodegradable. They contain no screws or fittings that aren’t natural. They are very strong and tested to carry up to 150kg / 23 stone. The handles are woven into the structure and are stronger than handles on a traditional coffin.

We can provide many options when it comes to choosing a coffin, from traditional wooden caskets to coffins crafted from willow / wicker, bamboo, banana leaf, cane, cardboard, pandanus, seagrass, or wool.

Most of our coffins are certified by the FFMA (Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer’s Association) or the CCSA (Coffin, Casket and Shroud Association).

Cane Coffins

Our Cane coffins are a lovely natural light buff colour and come in traditional or round ended shapes. They are certified by the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer’s Association (FFMA) for quality, strength and suitability for purpose.

Available for funeral arrangements in Manchester or for sale to other areas of the UK.

Cardboard Coffins

The simplest choice for an eco-friendly funeral is a cardboard coffin. They can be plain for painting or decorating (we are more than happy to do this for you) or pre-decorated. It is also possible to provide a drape to cover the coffin if you feel that it looks too unorthodox.

Cardboard coffins are welcomed for use in natural or woodland burial grounds because they are biodegradable and from sustainable resources. Also accepted at most local crematoriums.

Banana and Pandanus leaf coffins

Biodegradable and sustainable, our banana and pandanus leaf coffins are available in traditional or round ended shapes. All are certified for quality by the FFMA and/or the CCSA.

Available for funeral arrangements in Manchester or for sale to other areas of the UK.

Bamboo coffins

Our Bamboo Coffins are beautifully made and a more decorative choice for a green funeral. The production encourages the use of traditional skills ensuring that the manufacturing processes are kept as green as possible.

These bamboo coffins are 100% natural and biodegradeable and have just been given the Fair Trade Organization Mark.

View bamboo coffins

Wicker coffins

Our wicker coffins come in a variety of natural golden colours, and can have a band of brighter colour. Some are traditional coffin shaped, others have softer rounded ends. Because they are woven it is easy to attach flowers to a wicker coffin.

We have around fourteen different styles available for funeral arrangements in Manchester, and a smaller range for sale to other areas of the UK.

Wool Coffins

Wool coffins

Yorkshire Wool Coffins are natural, sustainable and biodegradable and have an attractive and soft feel. The interior of the coffin is lined with organic cotton and attractively edged with jute. The coffin is personalised with an embroidered woollen or cotton name plate.

Readily biodegradable and suitable for cremation and all types of burial. We can also supply a woollen ashes casket with an embroidered nameplate. Choice of colours.