The Banana Leaf eco-coffins featured here are available as part a funeral you’re arranging with Natural Endings.

You can also buy these coffins for collection, or direct delivery to your home or chosen funeral service provider.

All coffins featured are appropriate for cremation and burial, and are available in a range of sizes.

Our banana leaf eco-coffins are made from biodegradable banana cord woven around a natural cane framework. Banana cord is made using the dried woven leaves of the banana, an annual plant, after the tree has produced its fruit and died back each year.

Rattan is also woven into the coffins design to create a striking contrast with the banana cords burnt golden appearance.

Being the by-product of banana farming, the leaf of the banana plant is in plentiful supply and is readily available for weaving. The leaves would otherwise be disposed of making this natural cycle renewable and good for the local environment.

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