DIY Funerals – John Mounsey ‘ s Community Led Funeral

Community funerals event including community support before death

Wednesday the 19th of June 2024, at 7pm, at Natural Endings, Todmorden. Natural Endings is co-hosting this event with Pushing Up Daisies. Pushing Up Daisies create space for conversations around death, dying and bereavement.

This is a free event, please reserve a seat on Eventbrite so we know you are coming.

End of life doula Mary Clear will give a talk and slideshow about John Mounsey’s final year, his death, his funeral and departy.

“In this town death is everyone’s business! Find out how neighbours strangers and friends can work together to ease the journey. We aim to show the importance of community networks from the undertaker to the cooks.”            – Mary Clear

Rosie from Natural Endings will talk about DIY Funerals also known as Family Led or Community Led Funerals

“Natural Endings supported our community with John Mounsey’s funeral and departy. Our community just needed some practical help that we were more than happy to provide. The rest they did themselves.

You don’t have to employ an undertaker to ‘take care of everything’. You can do as much or as little as you want yourself. We find that some of the best funerals are created, in a hands-on way, by the people that loved the person that died.  We can take care of the elements that you don’t feel up to doing. Such as just providing a coffin, taking in to care from the hospital/hospice or home, looking after your person in our specialist temperature-controlled mortuary, washing and dressing them, guiding you through legal documentation. What ever part you need us to take care for you and you do the other parts.” – Rosie Grant

There is also lots of great advice online about these kind of funerals. Especially The Natural Death Centre and The Good Funeral Guide.