Olive Button

Olive Grace Button

19th July 2019 – 23rd February 2024

Loved and loving daughter of Kate and Ivan, granddaughter of Chris, Ian and Joy, sister of Sarah, Clary and Jessica, auntie of Errol and Elwood, niece of Charlotte and Jessica, cousin of Robyn and Ethan and dear friend to all who met her.

Olive’s funeral will be held at 1pm on Friday the 15th of March 2024, at St. John The Baptist in the Wilderness in Cragg Vale, followed by a burial in the church graveyard and a reception at the Hinchliffe Arms.

Please don’t feel the need to wear black. Olive’s favourite colour was pink, but she wasn’t keen on yellow.

You may bring flowers or a single flower that you think Olive would love, and to wear one on your clothes or in your hair during the service. You will be invited to place a flower in the grave at the end.

You are invited to donate to the UK Sepsis Trust (www.sepsistrust.org/make-a-donation/) should you wish.

Olive’s carriage shall be horse-drawn from her house, with close family driving behind. Parking by the Hinchliffe/church will be limited so those more able-bodied are encouraged to park on Cragg Road uphill from the Robin Hood Inn. Approx 250 yards before the Hinchliffe turning (by Wesley House – the old chapel) the horses will slow to walking pace for those who wish to walk behind.

Enquiries to Natural Endings.
01706 941757 or 01619 696690