Plain pine wooden coffin


Sustainable natural wood pine coffin available as part of a funeral being arranged with Natural Endings. This coffin will show as not in stock on our website, however, we can obtain this coffin as part of a funeral you’re arranging with us.

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This plain pine solid wooden coffin is made from the sustainable pine, which has been grown under controlled conditions in the northern hemisphere. Available unvarnished or varnished.

Please note

  • We only provide this plain pine wooden coffin as part of a funeral that you’re arranging with Natural Endings.
  • We do not sell this coffin for national delivery
  • Provided with a bio-degradable waterproof lining and a second unbleached cosmetic cotton lining and cardboard headrest
  • Also see commonly asked questions about buying an eco-coffin from Natural Endings.
  • This coffin is suitable for traditional burial, woodland burial or cremation.

Does the price include delivery and VAT?
Yes, the price of the coffin includes delivery within the mainland UK.  There is no VAT. The delivery will be to Natural Endings’ premises as this coffin is only available for a funeral being arranged directly with us.

How can I purchase/order?
You can purchase this coffin as part of a funeral you’re arranging with Natural Endings. The coffin will go on the final bill which can be paid by direct bank transfer.

Will you send me a receipt?
We will send you a receipt that can be claimed with the rest of the funeral expenses from the person who has died’s estate at a later date. Or you will receive a copy of your order/invoice and payment by email.

Do I need a nameplate?
Cemeteries and crematoriums require that the coffin is identified with a nameplate. Please enquire about an engraved name plate with silver, golden or wooden effect. There is an additional charge for this.  Alternatively you could print one off your computer on cardboard or even paint or draw one as long as it has the person’s legal name on it.

What is your returns policy?
We want you to be entirely happy with your purchase. You have the right to cancel your purchase within 28 days of the transaction, but please ensure:

  • The goods are returned intact (not open and not unpacked) and that the coffin is wrapped in its original packaging to protect it in transit.
  • All original delivery labels are removed.
  • Due to health and safety laws we cannot accept any coffin that has contained a dead person.

Please note we may charge a collection fee for returned items.

More questions?
Please visit our commonly asked questions about buying an eco-coffin from Natural Endings.

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