Todmorden Open Studios

Todmorden Open Studios Art Exhibition

24-26th of November 2023

Natural Endings is pleased to be part of Todmorden Open Studios 2023.

Come and see the work of two local artists depicting different aspects of loss and mourning.
Natural Endings is curating an exhibition that explores the ideas of death, loss and memory.


Joanne Harris @Studio Knottswood

Last Breath

Clear crisp winter air, cold white frosty breath, an intake of pure life in the moment of now, rooting the body to the earth. Each exhalation a gift back into nature a transcending step into the future binded in the now.

Last breath, pure, spiralling, a carriage of love the spirit rides upon.
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Winston Plowes

Winston experiments with the ephemeral materials nature provides through the 

changing seasons surrounding his Calderdale home and beyond. His work explores themes of transience and loss and he wonders if his practice as a land artist can perhaps help us learn how to live with and process those ideas.

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