Cardboard Coffins

Unfortunately, we do not deliver cardboard coffins. We only use them if you are making funeral arrangements with us in the Manchester /Cheshire / South Lancashire.

Cardboard coffins are one environmentally friendly coffin choice. Some cardboard coffins are plain and a good base for painting or decorating.

cardboard_coffin_drawFamily and friends can paint, stick photos on, stick bits of their loved one’s own artwork on the coffin or pictures produced by the family’s children. Some families that we’ve worked with have put colourful handprints all over the coffin; from the lady’s 3month old grandson to her widower, I think there might have been a set of cat’s paw prints too. Other families have chosen to write messages on the coffin as part of the ceremony.

George Melly (musician, film critic and art lecturer) had a cardboard coffin covered in photos and drawings. And surprisingly the romantic author Barbara Cartland had a cardboard coffin (though it wasn’t a pink coffin made from cardboard).

The image shown above is of architechtural pencil drawings covering a coffin.

white cardboard coffin casket       plain cardboard coffin

floral_coffin                        hayley_cropper_coffin

coloured_cardboard_coffinSome cardboard coffins are pre-decorated. Shown are coffins with a poppy design and an ivy design.  These coffins are becoming popular and we’ve even seen them on television recently with Hayley Cropper from Coronation Street having a floral cardboard coffin in January 2014. Many other designs are available; sports, landscapes, foods, travel, hobbies,

pink_coffin_cardboard2      photo_cardboard_coffin2

Cardboard coffins are welcomed for use in natural or woodland burial grounds because they are biodegradable and from sustainable resources. They are also accepted at Manchester Crematorium, Oldham Crematorium, Stockport Crematorium, Eccles Crematorium (Peel Green), Salford Crematorium (Agecroft), Walton Lea Crematorium (Warrington), Dukinfield Crematorium (Tameside), Blakely Crematorium and Altrincham Crematorium. Some crematoriums may request that the coffin is put on a wooden base so that it is easier to load into the cremator.

Please note that our cardboard coffins are only available in smaller sizes.

Other environmentally friendly coffins available are crafted from willow, wicker, bamboo, seagrass, jute, woven hyacinth leaf, woven banana leaf, papier mache and pandanus.

All our eco-coffins are suitable for traditional, green burial or green cremation.